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We are really looking forward to the exciting year ahead in Y6.

Y6 Planning Overview 2016-2017

Autumn topic planning Spiders 2016

We are really enjoying our new text ‘How the Whale Became’ by Ted Hughes. We have been learning the story through the use of story mapping, to help us create our own stories based on this model.


In maths we have been learning about nets and how to create our own. Today we investigated whether we could create a box that would hold 3 tennis balls securely so that they did not move around. Some children chose to use polydron to help them create the perfect net and others went straight on to measuring the tennis balls and drawing a net on card using the correct measurements.

Athletics Festival – Paignton Sports College

We were lucky enough to be invited to Paignton Sports College to take part in an afternoon of athletics. The children had a fantastic time and were given the opportunity to try out new skills and activities.

Spring topic planning Spiders 2017

In music we are creating our own pieces of music based on the piece ‘In The Hall Of The Mountain King’ by Edvard Grieg. We have chosen to use recorders to put together our own piece.

Science Week

We were lucky enough to visit Churston Ferrers Grammar School where we worked in a real laboratory and learnt about chemical change and electricity. The children learnt so much and were inspired by the passionate staff and pupils at Churston.

Science Week Activities 

Back in class the children had great fun making magnet paint/moving pictures and looking at bugs under microscopes.

Outdoor Education @ PCSA

What a busy week we have had in Y6 this week! As well as our Science Week visit we also visited PCSA and took part in some fun problem solving activities. The children demonstrated some excellent team work and showed how resilient we could be.





Please take a look at our parent plan to see what other exciting things we have planned for this term!


London Trip to The Houses of Parliament and The Golden Hinde

Year 6 had an amazing time on our trip to London last week and also learnt so much about the history of Parliament and the Tudors. We even had the opportunity to interview our local MP, Sarah Wollaston and sit in on a debate in The House of Commons. After that we spent the night on The Golden Hinde ship, where we dressed as Tudor sailors and spent the evening in role. We were even involved in our own Tudor battle and got to sleep amongst the cannons on the gun deck. What an amazing opportunity!

IMG_2310 IMG_2316 IMG_2322 IMG_2323 Golden-Hinde-8302 IMG_2364 IMG_2341 IMG_2340

Making circuits using fruit

In science we have been looking at how we can make circuits using fruit. The children discovered that citrus fruit was the most successful, as it is very acidic.





The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

This half term we have been using the poem ‘The Highwayman’ as the focus for our learning. The children really loved this poem and were engaged throughout; producing some fantastic work. The children wrote their own diary entries and newspaper reports and showed great empathy for the characters. In groups they also created pieces of music to play alongside the poem and even wrote and acted out their own courtroom drama, where the soldiers, Tim and The Highwayman stood trial.





Earth and Space

The children have been working on a project for homework and created their own pieces linked to our Science topic of Earth and Space. We were blown away by the amazing work that the children produced and the time and effort that has gone into their masterpieces!





IMG_2445 IMG_2447 IMG_2453 Josie and Olivia (2)



Easter Bonnet Parade

What an amazing selection of Easter bonnets – great work Y6!


Using a microscope to make observational drawings in science.

Bat Week!

Bat Week!

Bat Week - Is Stoke Gabriel a good environment for bats?

Bat Week – Is Stoke Gabriel a good environment for bats?