Welcome to Ladybirds!

2017 – 2018

A warm welcome to a our class page.  The adults in the class are as follows:

Miss Gaskin – Class Teacher

Mrs McGovern – Teaching Assistant (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mrs Harrington – Teaching Assistant (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

The children in Ladybirds are encouraged to learn through play and exploration, through being active, creative and thinking critically. The staff aim for the children to be inspired by their experiences; motivated by stimulating environments and equipment; fully engaged in their learning and, ultimately, to be empowered to continue to explore and learn themselves, independently. This is managed through carefully planned lessons and activities and opportunities for adult-led and adult- directed sessions as well as amble opportunity for child-initiated learning.

About the Early Years Foundation stage.

Please see the links below for more information about the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

The Development Matters document outlines how the curriculum progresses through EYFS.


EYFS Profile Links to DfE essential documentation

Early years foundation stage: assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA)


EYFS Profile handbook


Exemplification materials


Early Years Outcomes


What to Expect, When?


Phonics and Reading at Stoke Gabriel Primary School.

We follow the letters and sounds phonics scheme in Ladybirds.


Below is an outline of how the scheme progresses through the phases and the decodable and ‘Tricky’ words taught.

High Frequency words

School Year 2018-2019



Medium Term Plans 2017 – 2018

Below is the medium term plan for our topic – Super Me!  This will give you an overview of the learning this half term (Autumn 1)

Ladybirds MTP Autumn 1 2017

Please find below the link for our new topic this half term ‘Winter’.

Ladybirds MTP Autumn 2 2017

Please find the link for the topic this half term on Dinosaurs.

Ladybirds MTP Spring 1 2018

Please find below the link for the ‘Traditional Tales’ topic this half term.

Ladybirds MTP Spring 2 2018

Please find the link below for the ‘Let’s Grow…’ topic this half term.

Ladybirds MTP Summer 1 2018




2016 – 2017

7/7/17 Cultural Week – We have been making the Leaning Tower of Pisa with crates!

22/6/17 Butterflies tried out their new play leading skills with Ladybirds.  Lots of fun had by all!

20/6/17 Fun-trition!  The children learnt all about how we can stay healthy and make healthy choices.

Healthy Week – Fitness Class 19/6/17

19-5-17 – Ladybirds weekly news

18-5-17  We had a mucky time at ‘Mucky Monsters’ making leaf crowns!

Ladybirds weekly news – 28-4-17

27/4/17 – In our weekly ‘Mucky Monsters’ session the children have been making weather collages out of natural resources.

26/4/17 – Ladybirds and Butterflies have been having weekly shared reading time on a Wednesday.  All the children enjoy the sessions and read beautifully to each other.


25/4/17 – We made the most of the sunshine and got outside to discuss different types of weather.  We also discussed what the weather was like before school and what it will be like after school.  The Y1 children then became weather reporters and delivered their own weather reports to the class.

25/4/17 – Following on from our non-fiction book about reptiles, we discovered that a saltwater crocodile can grow up to 18 feet long! We all sat in a line to show how long that is.  We also had enough children to be the jaws, front and back legs.

20/4/17 – The children in Year 1 have been learning about arrays and finding them in the school!

Welcome to Ladybirds


Ladybirds had a lovely time on the field for ‘Mucky Monsters’ and empty classroom day.  We made natural resources paint pallets and played with the parachute!

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Healthy week – dance


Cultural week – Italy The children made the ‘Leaning tower of Pisa’


Cultural Week – Italy The children made the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa


Healthy week – dodge ball



Healthy week – yoga



Making Bat biscuits!





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