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Summer Topic Planning Butterflies 2018

Spring Topic Planning Butterflies 2018

Boiled Egg Experiment

As part of our science topic ‘Humans & Animals’, the children have been looking at the digestive system. This week we have focused on the mouth, and specifically the teeth. We set up an experiment to demonstrate how different liquids can affect teeth. Instead of using human teeth, we replicated them for hard-boiled eggs.

100ml of vinegar, semi-skimmed milk, water and pepsi were added into separate glasses and the egg (tooth) was dropped in. In a week’s time we will have a look to see what’s happened to the egg’s shell (tooth enamel).

Day 1 of our science experiment.

Day 1 of our science experiment.

Here are some of the classes predictions:

IMG_6341[1] IMG_6342[1]

Year 4 and Year 5 Science Predictions

Year 4 and Year 5 Science Predictions



Careful observations throughout the week

Results from the experiment:


“The egg that was in the vinegar was destroyed the most. My prediction was right.” JW


“The order of the egg shells, which represented the enamel on our teeth, were in this order of decay: Most destroyed = vinegar, 2nd place = pepsi, 3rd = milk and in forth place, the egg that was effected the least = water. Therefore, this proves that water which is a natural product will decay your teeth the least.” ZW


The smell was a little grim; however, the results were rather spectacular.

Results from the egg shell experiement


“The shell is really soft and squishy. That is what would happen to your teeth and its enamel over time. It is really important to protect your teeth from sugar. Brushing and eating fewer sugary foods will prevent this.” LMP


A trip to the Mill Pond was in need to help the children write sensory descriptions for our theme in Literacy: Fantasy stories.

Using the outside environment, the children used their 5 senses to explore what they could hear, feel, taste, see and smell. The results will be used to create some very well-written setting descriptions.

IMG_6319[1] IMG_6321[1] IMG_6323[1] IMG_6322[1] IMG_6320[1]

In gymnastics, the children have been focusing on balancing. They were challenged to practise some balances they were shown and to then put these balances into a routine. I think you’ll agree, they’ve made a very good job of holding their balance!

   IMG_2153[1]  IMG_2150[1]IMG_2149[1]IMG_2136[1]IMG_2097[1]


Simon Hart (a local artist) was the inspiration behind our Spring Term’s art focus. We looked at a popular piece called ‘Bright Boats and Seagulls’. The children used a range of mediums: pencil crayon, paint, pastel and chalk to add colour. As a final challenge, the children then made a collage of the same picture using only torn pieces of coloured paper.