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Spring Topic Planning Butterflies 2018


Planning Overview 2016-2017

You can practise your singing for our concert on the links below!

Words – Petit Tambour

Petit-tambour mp3 recording

Summer Term (1st) Parent Plan

Parent Plan – Butterflies Summer 1

South Devon Construction Workshop

Spelling and Grammar (SPAG) Homework

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Dig for Victory

Today the children planted their seeds as part of their WW2 Victory Gardens. Chives, cress, basil and coriander were some of the seeds that the children could choose from. We are looking forward to seeing which spring up first. A special thanks to All Seasons Landscapes for letting us use their pots and compost.

IMG_7420 IMG_7417 IMG_7418 IMG_7415

Battery Gardens Brixham

“The tunnels between the bunkers were rather exciting, even though they were full of spiders!” Josh.

“I liked the air-raid shelter. It was very small but it did a good job of keeping people safe.” Isabella.

“I liked the entire trip, all except the spider-filled tunnels! Olivia.

“Looking at the models of WW2 houses was incredible. There were lots of similarities to homes that we live in today.” Lucy T.

“I enjoyed wearing the tin helmet, although it was really heavy! I too found squeezing into the air-raid shelter exciting but it was rather cramped.” Zoe.

“I loved holding the guns. It must have been hard work to carry them though as they were huge and so heavy!” Freddie.

“I loved the whole day. Well, all except the spiders!” Lily.

The bunkers were really impressive. They were huge but they must have protected lots of people and the cliffs of Brixham.” Cleona.

“Wearing the German uniform was fun. It was a little big and rather heavy.” Milly.






A special thanks to Mr Mortimer for popping in to our class last week. He came in to share some stories about his family and relatives who were alive during World War 2.  The children were able to look at German menu’s, photographs, comics and magazines;  they too learned some great facts about what it was like for a British soldier during the war.

IMG_2961[1] IMG_2963[1]

PSHCE – Going for Goals

As part of this half term’s SEAL theme, Going For Goals, and reflecting on last half term’s theme, Good To Be Me, the children have been sharing their skills. Each child has thought long and hard about what they’re good at and have shared these skills with their peers. Take a look at the incredibly talented children we have in Butterflies.

Baton twirling

Baton twirling

Pogo sticking

Pogo sticking

Lego building

Lego building

Paper flowers

Paper flowers




Kung Fu





Table Tennis

Table Tennis





Philosophy 4 Children (P4C)

This week the children have been discussing the topic of war. They have worked in collaborative groups to discuss their opinions and their views on war, including: what war looks like and whether people should fight for their countries. The outcomes were excellent and every child’s voice was heard.  Following this, the children then listened to the song ‘You’re the Voice’ by John Farnham. They analysed the lyrics and made links to the topic of war.

IMG_6676 IMG_6678 IMG_6679


Lamb’s heart dissection

To continue the theme ‘Humans & Animals’, the children have looked at the circulatory system. On Friday 13th, the children observed the dissection of a lamb’s heart. They located the key areas: ventricles, atriums and key blood vessels – arteries and veins.

Every child within the class coped brilliantly well – well done, Butterflies!


“It feels quite heavy! I have found the two bottom chambers: the ventricles.”


“I am really pleased with myself. I managed to hold it and find the chambers inside the heart!”


“I stuck my finger into the main artery – the Aorta.”


“This is the weirdest feeling! It is really solid but feels like meat.”


“I have found the top two chambers: the left and the right Atrium.”

Boiled Egg Experiment

As part of our science topic ‘Humans & Animals’, the children have been looking at the digestive system. This week we have focused on the mouth, and specifically the teeth. We set up an experiment to demonstrate how different liquids can affect teeth. Instead of using human teeth, we replicated them for hard-boiled eggs.

100ml of vinegar, semi-skimmed milk, water and pepsi were added into separate glasses and the egg (tooth) was dropped in. In a week’s time we will have a look to see what’s happened to the egg’s shell (tooth enamel).

Day 1 of our science experiment.

Day 1 of our science experiment.

Here are some of the classes predictions:

IMG_6341[1] IMG_6342[1]

Year 4 and Year 5 Science Predictions

Year 4 and Year 5 Science Predictions



Careful observations throughout the week

Results from the experiment:


“The egg that was in the vinegar was destroyed the most. My prediction was right.” JW


“The order of the egg shells, which represented the enamel on our teeth, were in this order of decay: Most destroyed = vinegar, 2nd place = pepsi, 3rd = milk and in forth place, the egg that was effected the least = water. Therefore, this proves that water which is a natural product will decay your teeth the least.” ZW


The smell was a little grim; however, the results were rather spectacular.

Results from the egg shell experiement


“The shell is really soft and squishy. That is what would happen to your teeth and its enamel over time. It is really important to protect your teeth from sugar. Brushing and eating fewer sugary foods will prevent this.” LMP


A trip to the Mill Pond was in need to help the children write sensory descriptions for our theme in Literacy: Fantasy stories.

Using the outside environment, the children used their 5 senses to explore what they could hear, feel, taste, see and smell. The results will be used to create some very well-written setting descriptions.

IMG_6319[1] IMG_6321[1] IMG_6323[1] IMG_6322[1] IMG_6320[1]

In gymnastics, the children have been focusing on balancing. They were challenged to practise some balances they were shown and to then put these balances into a routine. I think you’ll agree, they’ve made a very good job of holding their balance!

   IMG_2153[1]  IMG_2150[1]IMG_2149[1]IMG_2136[1]IMG_2097[1]

Welcome back!

What an exciting school year 2015-2016 will be.

We have started the year with an exciting science lesson. The human digestive system was modelled and the class found it incredibly interesting, and a bit gross too! They came up with some fabulously mature questions and were really interested in learning more.

It didn't look very nice. It didn't smell very nice.

It didn’t look very nice.
It didn’t smell very nice.

Demonstrates the capacity of the human stomach!

Demonstrates the capacity of the human stomach!

Digested food being squeezed through the 'large intestines'!

Digested food being squeezed through the ‘large intestines’!

Autumn Term 2015

It has been lovely to return after the summer holidays to such a cheerful and hard-working class.

A great bunch!

A great bunch!

Please have a look at the link below to see what we’ll be learning this 1/2 term.

Parent Plan – Butterflies Autumn 1st



Summer Term 2015

Please take a look at this half-term’s planning for Butterflies:

Parent Plan – Butterflies Summer 2nd

Afternoon Tea – Victorian Style!

Tea, cake and traditional Victorian games – what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.





An enjoyable afternoon.

An enjoyable afternoon.

Parlour games: Hide the 'Slipper'.

Parlour games: Hide the ‘Slipper’.

A game of 'Blindman's Buff'.

A game of ‘Blindman’s Buff’.

A game of 'The Needle's Eye'.

A game of ‘The Needle’s Eye’.


"What a divine spread!"

“What a divine spread!”


Tea and cake anyone?

Tea and cake anyone?

There are lots of exciting things planned for this first half-term. Take a look below at the planning document for more details.

Parent Plan – Butterflies Summer 1

In Literacy, we will be using the book ‘Wallace & Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions’ as an inspiration for writing our own explanation manuals. Lots of children have started thinking about their own ideas; we can not wait to write about our own inventions. Who knows, there could be an inventor amongst the class!






Simon Hart (a local artist) was the inspiration behind our Spring Term’s art focus. We looked at a popular piece called ‘Bright Boats and Seagulls’. The children used a range of mediums: pencil crayon, paint, pastel and chalk to add colour. As a final challenge, the children then made a collage of the same picture using only torn pieces of coloured paper.