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Daisi Dance Workshop

Daisi Dance Project - Spring Term 2016 Ladybirds have been enjoying a special treat with a local dance company. The staff have been helping the children to develop their sense of space and their movement skills through stories. The children are really enjoying it and their dance skills are developing brilliantly.

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Extra Curricular Activities

Please take a look at the link below for the activities that are on offer during the school day and out of hours. Extra Curricular Activities

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Blast Off!

At 10:55am, the entire school watched the launch of the Soyuz space capsule. It was an incredible sight and a thunderous applause, and cheer, soared through the classroom as the space capsule was successfully released. The children found the experience to be really exciting. We wish Tim Peake all the best with his amazing adventure.

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Well done Butterflies!

On Friday 13th November, the children in Butterflies watched the dissection of a lamb's heart. They were extremely sensible and mature during the procedure. They learned a lot about the function of the heart and are now able to identify key features within a heart. Such as: right ventricle, left ventricle, Aorta, veins, arteries and [...]

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Philosophy – Promoting children’s questioning skills.

Here at Stoke Gabriel we promote independent thinking and have found that the use of philosophy lessons really encourages the children to think deeply and take ownership of their learning. In this session the children listened to the song 'Imagine' by John Lennon and came up with their own questions to form a debate. They [...]

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Paignton Community Inspiration Day

What a fantastic day we had at Paignton Community's Inspiration Day. We took part in a wide variety of activities and demonstrated skills of perseverance, independence and great teamwork! Making our own slime! Roller skating with Mrs Burness-Moakes Break dancing

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The Really Wild Encounter

This term our school topic is called 'What on Earth?' To start it with a bang, we had a visit from the 'Really Wild Encounter'. We learnt about the different animals from around the world and the ways in which they protect themselves. We even got to hold them!  

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Consultation on Academy Status Letter

Please see the letter below detailing the consultation process on becoming an academy and forming  a multi-academy trust.     Parents academy consultation letter

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A Very Warm Welcome Back!

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer holiday and are now looking forward to the school year. We especially welcome our new pupils and their families to our school and wish them all a long and very happy association with our school.

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Curriculum/Information Meetings

Each teacher will hold an informal group session next week so please come along to find out how things run in each class. In addition, parent plans (curriculm plans) will be given to parents during the meeting along with any other relevant information.  The parent plans can also be downloaded from this website. These meetings [...]

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